Weight Loss And Workout Go Hand In Hand

There are many things that you can do to lose weight but not all of them are healthy or effective in the long run. Weight loss and workout plans, combined with eating the right kinds and amounts of food, will insure that you lose weight in a healthy way. How to eat right is also customizable to your lifestyle. But the other crucial factor to losing weight is some sort of exercise so that you end up burning off more calories than you take in. What most people usually have the hardest time doing is working out on a regular basis due to lack of time, lack of willpower or lack or money (for a gym or training equipment). But there are ways to bypass these obstacles.

If lack of time is your problem, figure out a way to incorporate a weight loss and workout session into your daily routing. Can you walk or bike your way (or part of your way) to the office? Can you clean your house more vigorously? Can you run up and down the stairs when commercials are on during your favorite TV shows? With a little imagination, you can come up with some ideas that will put a workout into time that is already spoken for. While some may say that you need to work out an hour every day, if that’s too much for you, then do what you can every day. If it’s ten minutes, fine. But do it.

If lack of willpower is your problem, try to pick something that you don’t dread doing. Most of us think of exercise as strenuous weight lifting or miles and miles of jogging. It doesn’t have to be that way. Find something that you like doing (or something that you don’t mind as much). Walking is a great form of exercise that you can do at any time and all you need is yourself. Brisk walking is the cardio part of the workout that you need and if you want to add the strength part into it, just put on some ankle and wrist weights or carry some light weights to pump as you walk. Again, if an hour a day is too much, fit in what you can. Set an attainable time that you can dedicate each day (or four to six days per week) and stick to it. It’s better to do ten minutes every day than to do one hour every once in a while when you can convince yourself to do it.

And if not being able to afford a gym membership or exercise equipment is your excuse, then you’ve already seen why it shouldn’t be. You can do both cardio and strength (resistance) training with nothing but your positive attitude. Cardio training is anything that gets your heart rate up. And certain exercises build up strength and resistance without using resistance cords or weights.

Weight loss and workout basics don’t need a lot of time or money – just a little commitment and consistency.

November 19, 2012

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