Youth Stuff


Youth is the most underrated  and so important time in life. Most will set the stage for all of life in the years of youth. So this website and it’s connections have decided to move ahead over the next year with a project which hopes to give youth the information and resources to make that life full and exciting. This is not commercial and although we will host a small amount of advertising, the site will be devoted to giving youth every opportunity to communicate with those who matter in life. Many see the teen years as forming a large part of the Youth spectrum. So a group of communicating pages will evolve where teens can mentor other teens at whatever excites them, interests them or even worries them. We want lots of ideas but the general format is a group of membership websites for teens such as,, foodbookforteens,, etc. We are actively looking for teens who would enjoy the opportunity to participate in the running of one or more of these websites. They are presently being set up and will begin to surface early in 2015. So you are welcome to contact us if you are or know someone who would be interested in the project.